#LoveIsColourful Crowdfunding Campaign – supporting LoveIntersections.com & Our City of Colours!

Sometimes it can feel like our society is defined by our differences rather than our common values that bind us.

We can change that by connecting people to diverse stories of love – the stories of all of us.

We all know love has the power to transcend borders.

We’re a small team of dedicated volunteers and we just launched a powerful multimedia public awareness campaign to bring our stories to life —  To amplify the good in all of us and heal the divide.

Will you join us?

Our public awareness campaign will reach tens of thousands of people but we need your help.

For every visibility poster we are connecting you to diverse stories of love in 30+ languages across the world. We have already made 15 posters, 3 videos, and 3 film festival screenings. This visibility campaign is going viral!

It’s now time to help us expand our reach and share more diverse stories of love all around the world.

Please be a part of healing the divide now.

By supporting our visibility campaign, you are enabling us to create 30 more visibility posters with the potential to reach tens of thousands of people around the world. BOOM!

These posters are part of something huge – A powerful multi-media campaign including powerful videos and film festivals screenings!

Please support our #LoveIsColourful Campaign so that we can continue this public awareness campaign next year!


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