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jenJen Sungshine speaks for a living, but lives for breathing life into unspoken situations in unusual places. As a queer, Taiwanese artist-activist based in Vancouver, BC, she is grateful to live, breathe, dance and work on the unceded, occupied and ancestral lands of the Coast Salish nations. She facilitates with creativity and social justice media to evolutionize and revolutionize QTBIPOC visibility and community-based work through Love IntersectionsOur City of ColoursOut in Schools and the The Social Justice Institute at the University of British Columbia. Jen’s artistic practice involves learning through unlearning; and instead of calling you out, she wants to call you in, to make artful social change with her. In the audience, she looks for art in your interruption.

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davidDavid Ng is your typical queer, marxist-feminist, anti-colonization, anti-prohibition, pro-Palestinian, pro-choice activist…with champagne taste, but a beer budget.

After falling in love with feminism and joining Hello Cool World at 14, he has since co-founded and worked on numerous campaigns and projects including youth sexual health initiatives, feminist anti-violence campaigns, anti racist projects, and other forms of fun, radical, anti-oppression work.

Three women’s studies degrees later, he is currently the Outreach Coordinator for Theatre for Living – an anti-oppression, interactive theatre company.  He’s super excited to be embarking on the Love Intersections journey!

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andyAndy Holmes became a part of Love Intersections under the mentorship of both Jen Sung and David Ng. As a queer and biracial individual, Andy is a strong advocate for social justice through an intersectional perspective.

Born and raised in Vancouver on unceded Coast Salish lands, Andy graduated from Prince of Wales Secondary as their Student Council President, and leader of their gay/queer-straight alliance club. He was instrumental in organizing the annual anti-bullying/pink shirt day in his school, and in implementing his school’s first all-gender washroom. As a current UBC student, Andy is focused in studying social justice-related issues with a minor in critical studies in sexuality.

Andy loves Pokémon, Harry Potter, California rolls, bubble tea, travelling, and listening to music that drives his inspiration.

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kimberleyKimberley Wong is a bisexual, feminist, Chinese-Canadian climate action activist who prides herself on being a go-getter full of optimism and perseverance. In the past, she has worked as an event planner with the Canadian Asthma, Allergy and Immunology Foundation, as the co-director of Kids for Climate Action, as part of the Vancouver School Board Sustainability Conference planning team, as a keynote speaker for various youth environmental conferences, as a project manager for a CityStudio partner project about Ugly Food, and as a youth climate action analyst for the Climate Action Secretariat of British Columbia.

Currently, Kimberley is a UBC major entry scholarship student, majoring in Geography and minoring in Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice, Economics, and Political Science. She works with Co-Design Engage as an artist in training and as a board member on the Board of Directors, and is also the co-founder of City Hub Initiative, a youth program run out of the Dutch Urban Design Centre.

Although Kimberley is quite new to the Love Intersections community, she has been a fan of the blog and of the people involved with it for quite some while. She hopes to collaborate with many of her previously made connections to create new, equally inspiring, and thought-provoking material.

Jane Agyeman [Ah-jee-man]

Jane discovered Love Intersection during a spontaneous conversation with former co-worker Andy Holmes, and was immediately interested in getting involved. Her involvement with her university Queer and Women’s Collectives sparked her passion for activism and social justice, and she will continue to nurture that passion as she begins her journey with Love Intersections.

Jane is a queer identified, first generation Canadian of Ghanaian Immigrants, who lives and works in the Lower Mainland on unceded Coast Salish lands.  As a queer women of colour growing up in North Vancouver, forming her own individual identity was at times challenging. Fortunately, these challenges allowed her space to question her own socialized behaviors. It was, and continues to be crucial for her to challenge assumptions about normalcy in order to better understand the world around her. By questioning the ways in which we are taught to create identity, she is able to continuously learn about herself, the world she lives in, and the people in her life who support her.

She is a lover of self-expression, performance art and the human experience in general, and she is grateful to be a part of a platform that creates space for people to be heard and understood, instead of neglected and silenced.

She loves to sing, to write, and to make people laugh use any means necessary (which includes, but is not limited to dancing like Elaine from Seinfeld at parties).

duaneDuane R Stewart-Grant is Haisla from Kitamaat Village and Nuu-chah-nulth from Port Alberni. His Haisla name is c’ee’hixid and he is from the Raven clan.

In 2006, when he was living in Kitamaat he worked for Kitamaat Village Radio (KVR 96.1FM), where in 2008 he became the radio station manager until 2010. While working at KVR he started learning and growing closer to his culture.

In 2006/2007 he participated in the Star in Your Own Stories with Chee Mamuk, Hello Cool World and 11 other youth from the Haisla Nation. In three days they produced and stared in their own little story called Stand True. Stand True talks about how rumors can spread around like HIV/AIDS. Through Stand True, Duane was able to travel all over BC and he even traveled outside BC for the first time!

Duane came out to his family on May 4, 2010, but knew he was two-spirited at an early age. Through his travels he did with Stand True he met many other Two-Spirited people who were out, strong and proud to be two-spirited, he looked up to them for guidance during his journey.

When he moved to Burnaby in 2013 he started dancing with the Git Hayetsk Dancers and started apprenticing with Mike & Mique’l Dangeli. He now is learning to carve, paint, create regalia, dance, and is drawing First Nation art. Duane hopes to one day bring his knowledge back home and start teaching the next generation what he has learned!

nomondeNomonde Mxhalisa is a fat, black, queer womanist – a lover of life and a crusader of the light. She came to her feminist awakening at her mother’s knee, when the pain and triumphs of the women who raised her illustrated daily the sheer importance of intersectional feminism.

Armed with a background in journalism, a degree in gender and transformation and a love of justice and joy, she has recently found a niche in the world of conservation. Her goal is to see an end to urban hunger by fusing gender and nature into a harmonious and sustainable solution to urban food insecurity.

Fat femme power, making the invisible visible and giving voice to oppression even through pain and fear are definite turn ons. Also lipstick, new hair, cupcakes and puppy dogs of all ages are guaranteed to warm the cockles of her heart.

darcyMany people  would describe D’Arcy Hamilton as a well-rounded filmmaker, although his true passion persists in telling engaging stories in an unbalanced world. With years of social and environmental education and an additional 16 months of intensive documentary film study, D’Arcy has an experienced knack for finding non-fiction stories like no other. His career has found him journeying one of the last remaining corners of the planet, shooting with recently discovered Indigenous peoples in West Papua, Indonesia.

D’Arcy has worked with a diverse amount of clients, ranging from Greenpeace Canada, Capilano University, Squamish Valley Music Festival, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and The Whistler Chamber of Commerce. Some of his work has been viewed on Shaw, OutTV as well as an Indonesian national TV Channel, DAAI TV.

As a Director of Photography, D’Arcy has been involved in a documentary in 2011, called Patience and Absurdity, which was screened in Vancouver’s WAM festival and in London’s Liberty Annual Arts Festival for the Paralympic Games. In 2013, he directed and shot a short film called Each and Every One for the International Documentary Challenge, which was shortlisted out of 112 entries to be screened at HotDocs in Toronto. In 2014 D’Arcy DOP’d a short film, Jens Lens, which was selected to compete in The Audience Awards for Best Cinematography.

With a background in world class customer service combined with a technical ability to wear many ‘hats’, D’Arcy has had the advantage of creating engaging films which have single handedly earned him a reputation, as well as a full time evolving career.


franeFrané de Nysschen is the rolling stone that gathers no moss. A wandering heart that was moved from South Africa to Canada in 1997, she grew up in one of many tiniest of towns in Saskatchewan. She started life off very displaced and more than a little bit sheltered so when she graduated in 2009, she flew off to Vancouver to study photography and embark on a lifelong journey of trying everything at least once, twice if she liked it, getting lost and finding her way back again.

Frané has a habit of championing her family’s interests; studying photography as a way of feeling closer to her father, giving her camera to her newly graduated brother to launch his production company Prehistoric Productions, even briefly going back to Saskatchewan to study at the same university as her sister, and forever striving to foster and express the amount of faith and kindness her mother always has.

She’s currently studying the Nail technician program at Blanche Macdonald as a kind of nostalgia therapy and foray into a new career. She remembers her grandmother in South Africa loving to get her nails done and desires to find love and connection there in.

Recently taken in by Intersections Media; a work placement program for Youth at Risk, she’s expanded her skills even further with film, editing and animation and is excited to use her newfound knowledge to make a difference with her internship at Love Intersections.

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