Girlhood lessons in womanism

My niece and I have been talking about #blacklivesmatter and #sayhername and it has been intense. I get so scared for her when I think about the hate still to come her way and I want desperately to arm her against that future hurt but I also want to keep that joyful gleam in her eye for as long as possible. It’s got me thinking about how I learnt my feminism and nobody ever told or taught me about feminism. I learnt that potent power and resistance at my mother’s knee. I learnt it in the fierce stories – some fiction and some fact – that my grandmother told, the bruises and tears my aunts hid, and the ways all of these women remained triumphant through pains I have never felt. I hope that my gorgeous girl child sees the example the women in her life are living. I hope she recognises our mistakes and celebrates our joys and I hope that those lessons steele her for the bruising times ahead. Love, pride and solidarity.

– Nomonde Mxhalisa

IMG_3602Nomonde & niece
Photo credit: Nomonde Mxhalisa


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