The Day I Swallowed The Sun

Welcome to “The Day I Swallowed the Sun,” a multi-media project exploring the lives, loves and joys of those of us who navigate the world in othered bodies.

I remember the day I realised that I loved myself – loved every roll of fat, every dimple and crease that I had been told for years was disgusting. On that day it felt as if my soul was set alight, as if pure sunshine was welling from within me and pouring out into the world. I became the light in my own life. I remember that as the day I swallowed the sun.

And so, through this project, we want to share in the days that other people swallowed the sun.  The world emphasises the victim-hood and shame of a life lived outside of its narrow standards of rightness, health and beauty.  We want to crush that paradigm and celebrate our lives, your life, and share the pain – yes – but also the sheer spectacularly glorious revelry and unique wonderousness of being you.

swallowing the sun intro pic