Our philosophy/dream

Love Intersections is a creative love note by a group of hopeful millennials. Co-founded in 2014 by Jen Sungshine and David Ng, both artist-activists based in Vancouver, BC, on the unceded, occupied and ancestral homelands of the Coast Salish Nations. Love Intersections, like all families, is a work in progress. We thrive in queerness.

When we asked ourselves, “how do we love?” We found our love notes look like film vignettes, academic papers, short stories, poems, essays, silly rants, vulnerable narratives #sappy #gentle #feelings

Love Intersections shares inspiring stories of the beauty of the human spirit amidst a hostile world. Together as a collective we have more than 40 years of post-secondary, institutionalized education under our belts, but we don’t let that hold us back. We dare to tell love stories in a cultural landscape that so often only focuses on what is divisive and isolating. Our desire is to provoke artful change.

When we recognize and name injustices, our intention is to build communities across barriers. These days we’re digging in the dirt of homophobia, transphobia, racism, lateral violence and heteropatriarchy. #Misogynyisso3yearsago

We find ourselves pulled towards a horizon where love is action. We’re not so naive to think that abstract love will conquer the world’s problems. Instead we choose love to create a world that has room for everybody.

We are proud that our short films have screened in over 30 film festivals across the globe, bringing to life the intersecting dimensions of queerness, Indigeneity, racial and cultural identity, family, allyship and love.

We continue to use our experience to guide us towards love while we gently facilitate through art, photography, music, fashion, food, and laughter.

Now growing into a family who dream and eat together, the Love Intersections team is committed to creative and meaningful ways of building solidarity across communities. We want to make artful social change together, preferably over a dinner table. #comeeat

–  Love Intersections